Af Ursin is the solo music project of Timo van Luijk. Born in Finland (1967) and living in Belgium where he works as autodidact sound instrumentalist/composing improviser, photographer and printmaker.
He started improvising in the mid 80’s and formed, together with Geert Feytons, the audio-visual experimental music collective Noise-Maker’s Fifes in 1989. They mainly used selfmade instruments and field recordings creating complex, surreal audio-visual live happenings, including dance, sound and video installations.
Around that time van Luijk also starts his more intimate solo project ‘Af Ursin’. The work of Af Ursin is based on intuitive but structured improvisations with mainly acoustic instruments creating ‘free arrangements’ with a lyric and poetic character. He records and produces his works in his ‘Kulta Saha’ home studio .
Occasionally he provides music/sound for dance, theatre and film and since 2001 he publishes his own music and ensemble works on his record label ‘La Scie Dorée’.
Apart from his solo work he has done frequent collaborations with Christoph Heemann (In Camera) and Limpe Fuchs, Kris Vanderstraeten, Raymond Dijkstra (Asra), Andrew Chalk (Elodie), Frederik Croene, Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg, Nurse With Wound and together with Greg Jacobs and Marc Wroblewski (both from Noise Maker’s Fifes) he forms the group Onde.
Over the years numerous live shows with different formations took place in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia and Japan.
His photography, printmaking and collage work reflect a similar poetic sensibility, displaying mysterious, otherworldly and othertimely organic shapes with a pictoralist and surreal inclination.
In 2007 van Luijk co-founded Metaphon, a concert organisation and record label releasing archive works of experimental music composers and sound artists.

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Im Mitternachtslicht

Er streichelt, immer noch
Das Holz
Es färbt färbt seine Farbe
Ins Klingen versetzt

Im Mitternachtslicht
Der Klang einer STERN-HARFE

Im Schneeland
Etwas heultrollttollt so deutlich südlich
Rührt das Licht
Uralte Glocken locken
Gong ping gong tsching
Immer anders
Fraus Stimme
Im Wind Canale Grande
Der Welt Lyrische

(A.W. September 2010)