Joris de Laet: SEM etc. – CD box


Joris de Laet (Belgium, 1947) is a fully autodidact composer of electroacoustic music. Between 1972 and 1975 he worked at the IPEM along with Lucien Goethals and Karel Goeyvaerts and in 1973 he founded the SEM (Studio for Experimental Music) where he organised plenty of group sessions, live performances, lectures,… De Laet’s work is adventurous, complex and difficult to classify, due to many interesting contrasts in his style and approach – academic vs intuitive, modern composition vs free improvisation, acoustic vs electronic, sound vs noise,…

This selection of his early recordings (1972-1979) represents an overview of his intriguingly radical and highly personal work which includes solo tape experiments, live electronics with Karel Goeyvaerts and group performances with experimental instrumentalists from the SEM ensemble : Pieter Kuyl (chapmanstick), Leo Verheyen (trombone), Paul Adriaenssens (flute and amplified objects), Maurice Verstuyft (flute).

All material has been mastered from the original tapes and is previously unreleased.

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