April 2024

New Robert Fesler 4LP box on Metaphon available through the webshop + a very limited stock of rare original copies of an outstanding double LP with Dominique Lawalree, Robert Fesler, Baudouin Oosterlynck, Erik de Visscher released on Lawalree’s Walrus label back in 1984.



4LP box – Metaphon 017 – 2024

Hardboard linen LP box with silkscreened titles, 12 page booklet with photos and text by Robert Fesler and Baudouin Oosterlynck.
With an A5 reproduction of an oil on wood self-portrait by Robert Fesler.
Edition of 300 copies, with download code.
Release date: April 15, 2024

Available at the La Scie Dorée webshop
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So delighted with the outcome of this long due 4LP release on Metaphon.
An anthology of the intensely arresting work of Robert Fesler (1936-2023), revealing many of his compositions (1975 -1987) created with his self-built synthesizers, with as pinnacle the μP RPF78. Except one, all tracks are previously unreleased.

With profound simplicity and devotion, Fesler paints a hermetic inner world with strong emotions of confronting solitude, sensual alienation and traumatic angst. His music was as much a therapeutic treatment as an artistic expression. Fesler quotes, “Building my synthesizers and working with them enabled me to sublimate my anxieties”. Most tracks were played and recorded real time, often with two synthesizers (the Synthese 756 and the μP RPF78), capturing the heat of the moment in one take, without multitracking. The austere and reductionist approach reinforces the overall spirit of his work, resulting in an engaging, mysterious solitary journey. It’s quite incredible how one person can put so much technical and cerebral content in the development of a machine and use it in such an emotional way.

The music of Robert Fesler might be considered as very Belgian.
To situate it within a close entourage, one can say it has:
The endurance of Oosterlynck
The purity of Lawalree
The mysticism of Souffriau

Anthology produced by Timo van Luijk
Tape transfers by Timo van Luijk
Mastering by EARLabs
Text by Robert Fesler and Baudouin Oosterlynck
Booklet edited by Vincent de Roguin
Design by Meeuw



Superb double LP split album with one side for each artist. Copies are unplayed and in excellent condition but might have occasional light clicks, nothing serious though. As with most of the Walrus releases, they don’t come any better. Cover is offset printed and has hand painted touches by Dominique Vermeesch and Godelieve Fesler, all original and unique. One of the two Fesler tracks is not on the recent Metaphon LP box. Note that this is a rare vintage 2LP from 1984 and only a handful of copies are available through the webshop.