Duo of Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk.

Andrew Chalk & Timo Van Luyk
Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk Live at Cafe OTO, London, UK 2012 – Photo by Scott McMillan


ELODIE: ‘Clarté Déserte’ – LP

La Scie Dorée, Scie 2922, Belgium 2023
Regular edition of 300 copies on black vinyl with offset printed sleeve.
Special edition of 100 copies on transparent vinyl with handmade Faraway Press sleeve + signed and numbered litho insert with original stamp.

New 10 track studio album by Andrew Chalk and Timo van Luijk, recorded 2020-2021 at Impression Lointaine and Kulta Saha.

regular edition
special handmade edition
special edition insert


Forth unobserved I went
In darkness and security,
By the secret ladder, in disguise,
In secret, seen of none,
Oh night more lovely than the dawn!
Lost to all things and myself,
And, amid the lillies forgotten,
Threw all my cares away.


Elodie: Enteha – LP

A Colourful Storm, ACS039, Australia 2022
With insert and postcard.

Enteha is one of the duo’s more subdued and melancholic pieces and can be seen as a human response to seasonal transition, foretold by the concluding passages of 2020’s Le Nid d’Ivoire. It’s one of their uniquely longform explorations of mood and atmosphere as an air of romance drifts deftly into mystery and despair. The delicate hues of autumnal haze. The deceptive optimism of morning light. A work of supremely understated beauty, Enteha develops at an hypnagogic, if not unconscious, level and will appeal to anyone who finds solace in Harmonia, Gas, Joanna Brouk, Roberto Musci, Zoviet France and other investigators of pastoral arcana. (A Colourful Storm)


Elodie: Le Nid Doré – Musique en Scène IV – cassette

Privately released six track cassette mini album with wraparound cover.

– Le Nid Doré
– Palais des Neiges
– Musetta
– Lumière Etrange
– La Boite à Musique
– Lune Vagabonde

Alternate mixes and previously unreleased tracks recorded during the making of Le Nid d’Ivoire.

Recorded at Kulta Saha 2017.


Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk: Skagafjörður – LP

Faraway Press, FP 035, UK 2021
12″ LP in black vinyl, includes a duotone printed insert and set of three postcards.

Soundtrack to the silent film ‘Skagafjörður’ by Peter Hutton
Recorded live in Ghent, 14 April 2018
during ‘Night of the Experimental Film’
an event by Art Cinema OFFoff.
Originally released on cassette by B.A.A.D.M.

‘A sea of clouds casting silent shadows on frozen time
A sky of flickering waters curling over the immense permanence
Fractured light shrouded in mist dissolving into shaded pigment
The frontier of solitude melting in the winds of patient eternity.’


Elodie: Le Nid d’Ivoire – LP

La Scie Dorée, Scie 2419, Belgium 2020
Edition of 500 copies on transparent vinyl
including reproduction of art-print.
First 300 copies come with additional postcard.

Seven track studio album by Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk
recorded and mixed at Kulta Saha and Impression Lointaine, 2016-2018

...Le Nid d’Ivoire – The Ivory Nest…

“The breeze of summer evenings

a breath of life and death

the presentiment of blossom time

the shiver of corruption

the present

the here and the beyond

an immense beyond”


‘Heure Dorée’

‘La Rouille du Temps’

‘Le Nid d’Ivoire’

‘Calice et Croix’



Elodie: La Passion d’Elodie – cassette

Private limited edition release available at OFFoff Film Festival ‘Nacht van de Experimentele Film’ Gent, Belgium – April 20, 2018.
Music and Artwork by Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk


Elodie: Vieux Silence – LP/CD

Ideological Organ, SOMA 027, Austria 2017
Edition of 500 copies
2nd LP edition, january 2018

Music by Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk
Tom James Scott – piano
Jean-Noel Rebilly – clarinet
Daniel Morris – pedal steel guitar


Elodie: Balayes de la main du hasard – LP

Faraway Press, FP 030, UK 2017
Edition of 400 copies

Performed by Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk
Guitar: Tom James Scott / Korogi: Daisuke Suzuki

“It is as though the storm is scolding the foot of the mountain
And the petals of the cherry tree fall like snow
The moment fills me with compassion
The rains of spring arrive and fall like tears
The blossom falls like rain
It is a world full of regret”

La solitude derrière soi

Tombé du nuage d’or

Une ronde

Le voile des années


Elodie: La Porte Ouverte – LP

Faraway Press, FP 029, UK 2017
Edition of 350 copies
February 2018 – limited repressing

Performed by Andrew Chalk, Timo van Luijk and Tom James Scott
Mastered and cut at 45rpm by Noel Summerville
Lacquer cut, pressing on 160 gramme vinyl

‘An open door…
an exit… an entrance…
a new horizon
we never know where we are…
as long as the door remains open
there will be light…’

Le Jardin Onirique

Chant du Cygne

La Porte Ouverte

Matin de Marbre



Elodie: Odyssee – CD

Faraway Press, FP 028, UK 2016

Elodie here featuring core members Timo van Luijk and Andrew Chalk, playing live in Germany in 2015. Performing a pure duet of flute and string synthesizer over one episodic track ‘Odyssee’, a poetic and melancholy synchronous soundtrack to a film made and shown by van Luijk on the same evening.
‘Odyssee’ was mastered for CD release by Denis Blackham and is packaged in handmade gatefold mini LP style sleeve with Japanese language obi. Also available in a special clothbound portfolio edition, in bordeaux, brown and beige handmade by Faraway Press.


Grisailles front sleeve

Elodie: Grisailles – LP

La Scie Dorée, Scie 1516, Belgium 2016
Edition of 300 copies

‘The glowing momentum captured in a suite of five movements for speechless voice rooted in a flair of earthly instrumental strokes. A sensual twilight where ashes become seeds’

An original hand printed edition etching by Timo van Luijk is featured with each copy.
Attached onto handmade sleeves using thick card stock with textured debossing/rounded tabs outside sleeve construction.

Mastering and cut by Noel Summerville at 3345
Lacquer cut, pressing on 160 gramme vinyl


elodie_FP026 v2 copy_2

Elodie: ‘Le Manteau d’Etoiles’ – LP

Faraway Press, FP026, UK 2016.

The fifth full length album by Elodie, here expanding on the first concert by Elodie as a quartet given in Leuven, Belgium in November 2012 -with Tom James Scott : piano and Jean-Noel Rebilly : clarinet.
Le manteau d’étoiles’ collects ten airy instrumental spheres glowing and evaporating in a universal infinity like any moment in the panorama of everyday life.

Available in two versions:
100 numbered copies, special edition – handmade clothbound portfolio case, with wood cut prints to the cloth and Japanese language translations of all titles.
300 copies : regular edition.
February 2018 – limited repressing

All albums contain a specially printed double-sided insert and postcard set,
printed on 350 gramme cream paper stock.

Mastering and cut by Noel Summerville at 3345
Lacquer cut, pressing on 160 gramme vinyl
Sleeve design and layout by Timo van Luijk, Andrew Chalk and Jos Moers.


Cristaux de Lumiere


Le Manteau d’Etoiles



Elodie: Musique en Scène – cassette c30

Private release 2015

Music by Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk
recorded 2010-2015 at Kulta Saha and Impression Lointaine
Piano and organ by Tom James Scott



Elodie: Miniatures Persanes – LP

La Scie Dorée, Scie 1414, Belgium 2014
Edition of 300 copies
Special edition of 100 copies in slipcase handmade by Andrew Chalk available through Faraway Press

Fourth album by Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk
“A musical fantasy in two movements symbolising the evocative power and poetry of ancient illustration”

January 2020
Edition of 75 copies
Handmade sleeves using thick card stock with textured debossing
and rounded tabs outside sleeve construction.

Le doigt d’étonnement



Elodie: Traces Ephémères – LP

La Scie Dorée, Scie 1113, Belgium 2014

Eclectic ensemble of 18 instrumental arrangements evoking an epic and existential
soundtrack determined by the power of momentary destiny and reflective sentiment.

Music played by Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk
Clarinet by Jean-Noël Rebilly
Piano and koto by Tom James Scott

Edition of 350 copies
Special edition of 90 copies in slipcase handmade by Andrew Chalk available through Faraway Press
June 2015 : 2nd edition of 250 copies

Contours du Vent

La Fortune

La Prédiction

Ruisseau Vierge



Elodie: Eglise Saint Merri

Live recording from performance at the Sonic Protest festival, Paris 4 April 2011
Released February 4, 2012 at London concert.
Edition of 150 copies of which 50 were signed



Elodie: La Lumière Parfumée – CD

Faraway Press, FP 020, UK 2011
1st edition of 400 copies in hand-made, gatefold mini LP style sleeve with obi
Small special edition for Disk Union with handmade mini portfolio
2nd edition of 400 copies in hand-made mini LP style sleeve
Special handmade portfolio edition produced by Faraway Press (august 2014)


October 2018 : La Lumière Parfumée LP edition
All handmade sleeve (same design as 1st CD edition) in coloured papers tipped on.
Colour lined inner. Letterpress texts and image to main sleeve
With duotone insert
Edition of 300 copies

The second album by Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk.
While the debut album ‘Echos Pastoraux’ (La Scie Doree) had the sentiments of a homely
sketchbook memory,’La Lumiere Parfumee’ is a new collection of eight pieces,bringing
a more elaborate repertoire with delicate acoustic and electronic arrangements
in an impressionistic pallette of pastel shades and shimmering opalescent rays.



Elodie: Echos Pastoraux – LP

La Scie Dorée, Scie 811, Belgium 2011
Edition of 400 copies

Debut album of new project by Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk
Percussion on ‘Récit Inouï’ by Daisuke Suzuki

June 2015 : 2nd edition of 250 copies in rough board sleeve.