Timo van Luijk, Limpe Fuchs, Christoph Heemann


Timo van Luijk, Limpe Fuchs, Christoph Heemann: Macchia Forest – LP

Streamline 1037, US 2013
Edition of 500 copies

The trio of Limpe Fuchs, Christoph Heemann and Timo van Luijk is taking a musical expedition into unexplored territories; Limpe (also half of former ANIMA Krautrock legend) combines her original, selfbuilt soundsculpture instruments with her unique singing and piano playing, while Timo (Af Ursin, Onde, Elodie) and Christoph use analogue electronics and electroacoustic sounds to weave a surrounding organic audio forest to accompany her. As the three explore, they discover how landscape changes, the forest thickens, new creatures, shapes and colours appear.
Recorded at Loft Studio Cologne, mixed and mastered by Zoro Babel at BOA Studio Munich 2012.