Timo van Luijk & Frederik Croene

Timo van Luijk – Frederik Croene: Ipnopedion – LP

La Scie Dorée, Scie 2519, Belgium 2020
Edition of 300 copies on transparent vinyl
With printed insert

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November 2023: second, numbered edition of 45 copies on ‘smoke vinyl’ with silkscreened sleeve, insert and download code. Available through the webshop

Side 1 : Ipnopedion
Premiere live performance of commissioned composition for the ‘In Dreams’ Event, at Kunstencentrum nona in Mechelen, June 1, 2018.
Curated by Philippe Cortens.
Frederik Croene: piano
Timo van Luijk: synthesizer, sound projection

Side 2 : Taetonia
Recorded and mixed at Kulta Saha 2019
Frederik Croene: piano, organ
Timo van Luijk: synthesizer, organ, atmospherics


On the frigid moonless night of December 6th, 1978, a 26 year-old night watchman named Pier Zanfretta was on a routine patrol in the village of Torriglia, where he stumbled into a horrifying encounter with aliens from Taetonia. In order to get more clarity about what happened that night Pier Zanfretta agreed to undergo hypnosis, to let his subconscious speak about his abduction by these aliens.
As his discours under hypnosis sounded uncannily musical and mesmerizing, even without understanding the words, it became the basis of this Ipnopedion album.
For the recording of the title track ‘Ipnopedion’ (side 1) Zanfretta’s speech was played back on headphones, then phonetically reproduced by FC and TVL, lying down in darkness as being hypnotised. Apart from this transposed text only piano and a few hypnosis inducing atmospherics and spatialisations were added.
The ‘Taetonia’ track (side 2) opens with a naieve and enticing piano play slowly being beamed into a vacuum void towards Taetonia.  As Zanfretta’s words were vague it remained unclear what happened in Taetonia but things certainly had changed…
Ipnopedion became a ritual invitation to withdraw from the concrete world, returning to it as uncanonical aliens from Taetonia.



Timo van Luijk – Frederik Croene: Fortune de Mer – LP

La Scie Dorée, Scie 1818, Belgium 2018
Edition of 300 copies
Release date February 25

Played, recorded and mixed at Kulta Saha, April-September 2017
Cover image by Victor Hugo
Layout by Meeuw

‘In 9 sequences ‘Fortune de Mer’ describes the power and beauty of dramatic fate, the irreversible. Like a clause of force majeure, an unforeseen one way trip to the desperate bottom. After losing the long battle nothing is left, only acceptance and resignation.’



Timo van Luijk – Frederik Croene: Voile au Vent – LP

La Scie Dorée, Scie 709, Belgium 2009
Edition of 400 copies

Recorded and mixed at Kulta Saha 2008 – 2009