Af Ursin: 2me Fascicule

Af Ursin: 2me Fascicule – CDR

La Scie Dorée, Scie 203 – Belgium 2003
120 copies with black CD print, hand numbered in stamp on innersleeve
30 copies with red CD print, not stamped/not numbered

Twilight Silhouette

It’s raining clouds


AF URSIN : 2me Fascicule
After I attended a concert by Af Ursin I got this CDR handed which Af Ursin released to promote and pay for his Japan tour earlier this year. I am sure copies are still available, as it contains pieces of music which are not on his – sparse – releases so far. It was a true pleasure to see Af Ursin at work on stage. Sitting on the floor, surrounded by his toys (in some cases, literally!), some ancient delay line and cassette players, he played some very subtle music of close miking and that worked well in the intimate atmosphere of the evening. Improvised music that was somehow close to some older work of Zoviet France. In four of the five pieces I am gently reminded of Af Ursin’s concert. The metallic playing, the bows and the cricket and frog choir in the opening piece ‘Twilight Silhouette’ evokes a similar feel. Dense and atmospheric: two terms that do Af Ursin right. The only piece I don’t understand here is ‘Mistake Five’, which is almost a free jazz improv piece of hectic playing and which sort of breaks the CD (if insisted on being enclosed, it should have been the last track, I guess). Even the jazzy ‘It’s Raining Clouds’ might not be the standard sort of thing one would expect from Af Ursin, but it’s still a nice and not out of place piece here. So except for that one miss, four hits. Get this while they last. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)